Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Deck

I'm just putting the finishing touches on part two of The Nicest Client project. Up next, big plans for these two beauts. And in other news, I'm also working on freshening things up around here on The Fine House. Still currently in the construction phase. All the changes will be finished in a very timely fashion. Promise.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Part One

This is Part One of a big project that I've been working on for possibly the nicest client ever. Really. She actually contacted me a while ago about refinishing some furniture but I was pregnant and had to turn her down. Fast forward a whole year and here we are. She called me again! How great is that?! She had a whole list of pieces that she wanted done, starting with her bedroom furniture.

This is the before of the dresser that she sent me. It was quite a pretty dresser in great shape, she just didn't like the stain.

And after.

Please excuse the not great pictures. They were sort of a quick afterthought this time.

She expressed an affinity for distressed black furniture and wanted everything in her bedroom to match, so that's what I did. Black with a lot of distressing, a khaki glaze, and poly for shine and protection.

A thumbnail of the bed before. She had actually painted it herself in a flat black finish and was unhappy with the outcome.

So I redid it.

Also there's a Sad Headboard Story-right before she came to pick it up it tipped over and SPLIT. Crap! I might have said a swear word. But just a little one. I hate it when things like that happen-swear words and splits. I felt so terrible and she was so very gracious about it.

Foot board

Working on pieces that belong to someone else is both highly fun and highly stressful. After spending so much time and energy on something I'm always afraid that it won't be what the client is expecting, or that some part of it won't meet their expectations. I love doing this, but I often doubt myself. I want so much for clients to be happy with my work. So thank you so much, Vanessa, for being so awesome to work with! I'm beyond thrilled that you and your husband were excited with the end result.

Now on to part two, after which I hope you will be equally happy:)

Thank you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

Is it not?

Exactly how many bookpage wreaths would be overkill in one house?

And it's in french! I mean come on.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ring A Ding

Remember the sad woodshop project? Well you will because I have about 898 pictures of it.
Did I or did I not say the finished product would ring your bell? I feel confident that in all its golden goodness and glory, the newly renamed Chevron Chest did not disappoint. So much so that I, uh-um, might keep it. Or not might. I'm keeping it. It just works so great in so many places! Now where to put it... The straight lines and flat planes were begging for some special attention. So special they received. In the form of metallic gold chevron stripes that continue around the entire piece and run seamlessly from one stacked chest to the other.

And you know its hard for me to resist some distressing.

What I really loved about this when I first saw it was the genius of two pieces, which makes it so versatile. Stacked up, with six wide shallow drawers, it is beautiful in a entry. Although, as previously posted, I actually have an entry I'm liking right now. Total perfection in an office or craft room. I wish. I can just see papers and supplies neatly stored in all those drawers. I wish some more. It would even work as a small buffet in a tight dining area. The drawers would be perfect for extra silverware and table linens. And the piece I am currently using as a buffet has no storage. Hmmm.

But. Amazing as a tall nightstand. I feel like it gives my room a little edge. And yes. I totally read the leather bound copy of Shakespeare's works at night and not ever the mad stack of magazines in the basket in the corner.

And then, as I was taking these pictures I was watching Nate Berkus and a guest mentioned pushing two chests back to back to form a coffee table. Crap. That might work too.

Uh, yeah. Do you even know for how long I have been searching for the perfect coffee table for this room? This works! Totally lightens up the big brown kid-proof furniture. It was the one configuration I wasn't thinking about when I painted, so the stripes don't match up, but ha! I don't even care! I like it, Mikey!

And also yes, just as in the bedroom pic, we always have a picture of lemonade and delicious cookies displayed in the family room. All the time, as a matter of fact.

So, now you see why I have to keep Mr. Chevron Chest. He may never live in the same spot for more than a week. He's just too cool. That's why.

Also, see these books ^ ? They're in French. I took french in 8th and 9th grades. I'm pretty fluent. I read these at night too. Ok, really I found them at the DI (I guess you are forgiven for now) and they are going to be part of something fun coming soon.

Now I'm off to work on a huge project for a client. Reveal coming. Sometime.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear DI- You have Got to Be Kidding Me

While I was perusing the DI a few weeks ago I came across this:

Ok. Maybe a little low, but still, it could be cool. I could see the potential. Then I saw this:

What the? I think I actually laughed out loud. What a CROCK.

That's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My front door entry. Its a little spot in my house that makes me happy today. Its good, sometimes, to focus on the places that you like and not always on what's not perfect, what needs to be fixed, changed, or project-ed. Right?

Ahh. A little brighter. Which I feel is more true to life.

One of my weirdly favorite things in the whole house: the "G" knob. Its so pretty.

The globe's a little of center. But then so am I.

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