The Fine House is a sort of silly, tongue-in-cheek way for me to express how I feel about my home, which is filled with the stuff I love.  I mean, how can a house with three rowdy boys, a sweet baby girl, one husband, one annoying Great Dane and a bunch of painted junk not be Fine?  Plus, come on.  I love that song.

So heres the thing: I love paint.  I love the way a good paint job can perform an awesome transformation. I've been breathing new life into walls, cabinetry and furniture for the past 10 years. You name it, I've slapped some paint on it.  With great care and technique, of course.  Please feel free to check out my portfolio.  It has just a small sampling of the work I've done. 

And can I just aknowledge the great amounts of anxiety it causes
 me to put my picture on the internet.  Because it does.