Wednesday, February 25, 2009

End Table and Arm Chair

Gotta love black and white. They're classic and they go with everything. This table is solid wood, black with slight distressing. It measures 30"l x 23"w x 22"h and is $65.

Thanks Katee:)

The armchair is vintage and refinished in ivory with tobacco glaze and lots of distressing. It has some cracked paint sealed with poly and the seat is covered in a small black and white houndstooth check. It's a steal at $50!


Thank you to the cutest customer ever-I'm so happy you loved the chair:)

Interested??? Leave a comment or give me a call!

This will be it for a few weeks while I work on a big project for a client, but remember to stay tuned and check back often-there's always more good stuff to come!

Stripey Dresser

Thanks Stacy:)
I say it every time, but I love this! It's a sturdy little dresser in creamy white with a subtle, beige cabana stripe, which I really like lately. The stripe is hard to see in the picture, especially against my wall color, but trust me-it's very cute and not hard to see in person:) The whole thing is distressed and is very beachy and light-a perfect addition this time of year. It would be darling in a hallway or entry to hold keys and mail, or I've seen a lot of smaller dressers like this used as unique nightstands. It measures 30" wide x 18" deep x 31" tall. The drawers measure 13 1/2 " deep x 23" wide.

Just a Random Thought...

So, the March issue of House Beautiful, which just arrived in my mailbox today (yay!) says, and I quote, "A distressed finish" and "The 'aged' look makes a comeback". Hurray! I do like, and own, contemporary stuff, but I think that my favorite will always be things with a distressed finish. In that article they have some gorgeous stuff like this

and this

I love them! Then I get sticker shock. Its pretty, but it costs and arm and a leg (or two). Try $8,800 for the bookcase and $1695 for the chair. Dollars. No joking. Although that is actually laughable. We have a car that cost less than the bookcase:) But its beautiful inspriation. I just think I like pretty stuff.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twin Beds

One bed SOLD, Just one left!
Thanks Michelle:) Hope you love it.
I just finished two adorable twin beds (which I feel should be seen in person to fully appreciate their cuteness). They're navy with an exaggerated red rub through and the headboard of each has a blue iron star. Box springs or bed slats are not included. I'll have a picture of them side-by-side tomorrow. $125 each or $200 takes them both-which I think would be SO CUTE in a boys' room with a night stand in between. I'm willing to deliver in the Provo area. Interested? Leave a comment, email or give me a call.


Remember the 1976 beauties? I said they would be gorgeous, and well, I think they turned out pretty much that. They're back to live happily ever after in JoEll's living room. She wanted them black with a light glaze, no rub-through or extra distressing. I left most of the dings and dents for the glaze to pick up and finished them off with some poly. They just need some new hardware, which we will be shopping for this weekend. Now she has beautiful, unique new end tables and she can save the big bucks for something else.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love picture frames. Particularly old, beat up ones. They're beautiful, unique, and besides just holding pictures they have a million uses:

Upholstered the interior of this one to use as a headboard

Of course they make great mirrors...

Both empty vintage frames. I left the chipped wood and cracked paint as is and just brushed them with some poly for protection and ease of cleaning.

This one became a beautiful chalkboard. And it's for sale! I love love love it. Like everything else, I feel like the camera didn't do it justice. Its a vintage frame with the original paint and measures
42" wide x 29 1/2" tall.
(Buyer pays shipping if necessary)
Super cute for a kitchen, office, or even a little girl's room.

Right now I also have an unassembled frame that would be a great made-to-order upholstered head board. It measures 5.5' x 2.5 ' (that's feet, not inches)-long and narrow, and, as I said perfect for a lower profile head board. The frame itself can keep its original finish or be redone to match any decor and you pick the fabric for the interior. Interested call or email.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Yes, folks these beauties straight from 1976-seriously-are my next project. My mom and dad got these tables for their first Christmas together. Awww:) And they have lived in my mom's living room ever since. As you can see, they have had a long, well-loved life and are now ready for their face lift! They are HEAVY, SOLID wood and still function perfectly so we are going to make them as pretty as they are strong. Skeptical? Well stay tuned, because I promise you they are going to be gorgeous!
I'm also working on a few more projects that will be finished and posted for sale hopefully within the next week: A fun chalkboard made from a beautiful vintage frame, some adorable twin boys beds, and a few other odd and ends. I'm working on building up my inventory, so check back often and let me know what you think!
PS I'm also working on getting some more photos and references of things I've done in the past, such as cabinets and bigger furniture projects. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a lot of it anymore and I wasn't smart enough to take pictures for a long time.
Cute second-hand chairs with a new finish and recovered seats. I like the skirt on one for something different. They look great flanking a table in an entry: