Monday, November 7, 2011

What Would You Do? And, Full of Guts.

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently recovering from a giant butt-kicker of a summer and fall and am trying to get back to work. I have a couple of projects brewing, but one of them poses a conundrum for me.  It's this beauty here:

An awesome vintage solid wood crib with beautiful detail and inset panels on each end.  I about hyperventilated and peed my pants when I found it.  I swear, if Zoe wasn't halfway through her crib usage, it would be hers. 

It is totally sturdy, with all metal parts. Tyler laughed that its probably in better shape than either of the plastic-part cribs our kids have slept in.  I have amazing plans dancing through my head.  So here is the question of the hour: If you felt that it was completely safe and sturdy, would you buy and use a vintage crib?  What if it was all rebuilt?  Or is it better used in a re-purposed way?  I also have some ideas floating around for that, but I would love love love to refinish and sell it as a crib. I just think it's gorgeous.  Please people!  Give me some input!

And there's also this little girl with her guts hanging out. Hopefully I can remedy that.  Stay tuned.


A Little White Desk

I recently finished this sweet little desk for a client, my cute friend Brooke.  I have a lot of cute friends :)  It started out a dated golden oak but had pretty lines and was nice and solid.

She wanted bright white, with just a little distressing and some dark glaze to add a little balance to a 12 year-old girl's bedroom with brand new, glossy white furniture and a shabby chandy.

 She'll add new hardware and a fun upholstered chair.

I also painted and glazed two of these shelves with stained pegs to hang above the desk.  (Sorry for my lack of good pictures.  This summer and fall seriously kicked my butt.  I'm hopeful the butt-kicking is mostly over.) 

Brooke has fabulous taste and is currently in the process of building up her design portfolio.  I hope this helps a little!  Thanks Brooke!

Can't Get Enough

More pink!  It seems when I did these tables, I may have created a very pink-very cute-monster.  But that's ok, I really like pink monsters.

Another project for my ever-adorable friend, miss Lindsey.  She had two matching twin beds from her childhood that she wanted to paint for her two equally-adorable little girls. Here is the before of one of them: 

The perfect shape, just a little flowery and beat up.  She wanted pink and cream with dark walnut stain and distressing again, to go with dresser that I recently refinished for her.

I may never get tired of this particular monster.  It is so very sweet.  Plus, keep in mind that when the bed is all made, with the box spring, mattress, duvet and pillows a lot of the pink on the headboard will be covered up.  I think that'll keep it from being too much.  You'll get just a hint, which is what we are going for.

The inside of the foot board, which again, will be mostly covered with bedding.  But I wanted the consistency.

Lindsey is going to tackle the other bed herself.  Last we talked the plan was gray where this bed is cream and cream where this bed is pink.  Won't that be gorgeous?!  I'm sure she'll do a fabulous job and I can't wait to see it!  Please send me some pics of both rooms when you get them put together, Lindsey!

Thanks! It is always so much fun to work with you!