Friday, November 13, 2009

Posh Poppy Update

-Edited April 27, 2011-
This buffet is still one of my favorite projects, and I wanted to share it.  I wish wish wish that I had taken mulitple and better and  pictures of it. What was I thinking? Oh well, lesson learned:)  I painted it as part of a boutique that I participated in a while ago.  Please disregard the boutique info. The buffett now lives in the super cute salon of my even cuter friend.  Maybe I'll go take a better picture there.  But for now I'm linking it to the Primitive and Proper Piece of Work Wednesday party.

-Original Post-
The Posh Poppy boutique is happening right now! Ok, so its not happening right now anymore. But, thanks to the lovely snow last weekend, I've still got some great stuff available with-this is the best part-reduced prices! Here's a little taste of the inventory from The Fine House Please don't mind the unstaged pictures. Sometimes life (read: my kids) has to take priority:):

The Jazzy buffet with hutch is probably the most fun thing I've done so far! Her subtle zebra stripes bring to mind the phase "Be still, my heart". She's a smaller buffet with modern lines, three functioning drawers, and two cupboards. She even has grooves for plates to stand. I can see her working in almost every room of the house: awesomely in a kitchen where a bigger piece of furniture wouldn't fit; as the cutest bookcase ever in a living room; as an entry piece with bonus places to put keys, mail and gloves; as freestanding storage in a bathroom (oooo!); or so adorable in a little kid's room I can't even stand it!
 Edited again: Back then I didn't have my sweet baby girl.  I would completely DIE to have it for her room now :)
Thanks Lindsey! I love your salon!

The Corsage blanket chest also makes my heart skip a little beat. It's a smaller Lane Cedar Chest (I forgot to take the measurements of stuff before I dripped it all off...) with a natural-colored light canvas upholstered seat featuring three fabric flowers. It's been refinished in delicate pink with dark green peeking through.
Reduced!!! $100

Gotta love a good chalkboard. Super cute as well as functional. A fancy frame finished in antique white with mocha glaze. (The dresser and best lamp ever are unfortunately not for sale. The belong in the model home where Posh Poppy is taking place.)

I have to admit, a pretty chair with an upholstered seat just does something for me. So many places it can go! This is a pair of matching chairs with cane backs finished in black and heavily distressed . Natural-colored canvas makes the cushy seat ready any scrumptious pillow.
$45 each or $80 gets you two:)
Both Chairs Sold!

Gertie is living her second life as the girl whom no one can take their eyes from! A large mirror refinished in bright green with a mocha glaze to tone it down a little and some distressing makes her the perfect addition as a fun bathroom mirror, in an entry over a table, in a bedroom, over a desk, you name it and she'll send it over the top!
Reduced to $50!!!

And you might remember the vintage door Entry Station from this post. Still super cute! And to answer a few questions, yes. This can be safely hung in the studs of a wall to make a sleek, shabfabulas entry station!

You haven't missed the event yet! The Posh Poppy will be going strong through tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 14 until 6pm. Click here for directions and more info.

Click here to see what I've been up to lately!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posh Poppy

Exciting news alert! My two fabulous friends, Jessica and Candice, are starting a new boutique/art show called Posh Poppy. Woohoo! A cute new boutique! Thats what I said. Because my secret dream for when I grow up is to have my own shop someday, I decided to be brave and ask if I could put some furniture in their first show to get my feet wet. They graciously allowed me to be a vendor. I don't think I've ever been a vendor before! The Fine House, Vendor. Has a nice ring to it, no? The first show will be held Friday and Saturday November 13th & 14th from 10am to 6pm in a beautiful model home in Salem. Over the next little while I'll be previewing some of the stuff I'm getting ready to take, such as this little sweetie pie:I've affectionately named her Frenchy. She's got storage, she's got style and she makes a statement!I've got lots of stuff in store (if I can get it all ready...) Big stuff, little stuff and inbetween stuff. So mark the weekend of Nov. 13-14 on your calendar and come check out the The Fine House at Posh Poppy!
Thanks Aunt Paige:)

A Cute Girl's Dresser :)

My adorable friend asked me to redo her dresser and night stand. Here is a before of the awesome, solid wood pieces. Notice the used-to-be awesome flowers:
She wanted an antique white finish with glaze and distressing. This is what she got:

As aways, I feel like the pictures don't do the furniture justice. The glaze and distressing don't show up a ton in them, but I really thought they turned out beautifully. I used a gloss poly to give them some sparkle, which I like a lot with a distressed piece. She wanted to pick out some new hardware and I can't wait to see a picture with it, hint hint!

Thanks Rachelle and Cody! I hope you love it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And A Cherry on Top

The red and white Cherry Table is all fun and smiles. It positively oozes happiness! The pedestal table is finished in white with a shabby black rub through and lots of distressing. It measures 42" in diameter and is 30" tall. It comes with four solid wood chairs refinished in cherry red, also with a black rub through. The true funness of this set makes an appearance on every chair seat, where the numbers 1-4 are hand painted, just for a little somethin' extra.

The size of the Cherry Table makes it perfect for a breakfast nook, but I also think it would make the best ever game table! In fact people, had I a finished basement with a family room and/or playroom Cherry would not be for sale. When I look at her I have warm fuzzy visions of Monopoly and craft projects and maybe even a little I am officially passing the vision on to you in the form of an awesome deal!
makes her your very own happy:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt

Last Saturday I had just a little taste, and now I'm forever addicted. I attended my very first Estate Auction and I'll never be the same again. I love thrift store furniture, and a good garage sale find that can be fixed up is pretty fun. But there was just something about
nonchalantly waving my number in the air and winning that little gem on which I had my eye...

This was just one of my Auction Beauties. Is there even a word to describe how much I adore this canvas seed sack? I don't know. I just know it was love at first sight. You probably all think I'm as nutty as the nice elderly lady sitting next to me did when I bid on it. (Incredulously, I was the only bidder. No. That is not a sign. There was something wrong with everyone else there.) Do I know or care if this is a vaulable vintgage find? Nope. Although that would be cool. I don't even care if its still mass-produced by the thousands somewhere in Clover Land. It just comes back to the love. I love the colors, I love the print, I love the texture of the canvas.
I also love the back.

I might perhaps be crazy, but I don't care. My heart was actually racing when the auctioneer assistant put it in my hot little hand. I have big plans of cuteness for this bag - just you wait.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mable, Mable, Set the Table...

Thanks Kat!
Ok. The After.
She may be an old country girl but with an updated color combination to play up her modern side, she's no Plain Jane. For the Fantabulous Mable Table, its all in the details:
Turned Legs


Lots of Dimension

You've heard me say before that I love Black and White. Well now I'm only falling deeper. Measuring 66 1/2" long x 41 1/2" wide by 30" high the Mable Table is solid wood refinished in black with a khaki glaze that brings out all her gorgeous curves. To keep Mable really family friendly, I left the table top deliciously distressed and highlighted with glaze. Now little hands that leave their mark- sometimes permanently-will just add to her awesome character and uniqueness. Of course I gave her generous amounts of poly for protection and a little sparkle.
Mable is sans a leaf.

The Mable Table comes with six solid wood chairs-three Carved-Back and three Windsor. All six chairs were refinished in cream paint with a mocha glaze that totally compliments their color without being too harsh. They have a little extra distressing, revealing one or two secret layers.

The Mable Table has a great sense of playfulness because there is no set way to put it together. Alternate the chairs. Put one kind on one side and the other across. Mix it up however. It always looks great! And the best part? Its a one of a kind-no one else has this table.
Just Reduced!
*Post Script*
Like the Big Stripe Rug? Durable, wipe-able, super cute painted canvas. $75

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sneak Preview...

Before :
Stay tuned tomorrow for the amazing after . Tomorrow. I promise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show and Tell (Not Show and Sell ) :)

For today's show and tell I brought this scrumptious, Chunky Chalkboard to share:

As black and white (or cream, actually) is fast becoming my favorite color combination, a chalkboard like this seems like pure, yummy eye candy. Plus, it embodies all my other favorites. A little chipped, a little distressed, a little glazed. Isn't it just perfect in all it's gorgeous imperfection?

Unfortunately, this one isn't for sale, exactly. Tyler's company is having a charity auction and he thought it would be a great idea for "us" to contribute something from {The Fine House}. Situations like this always cause me great stress and produce lots of self-second-guessing, though I'm sure that's not the correct way to express it. So, after much hemming and hawing the Chunky Chalkboard is the lucky pick. I sincerely hope that it tickles someone's fancy and can contribute a small part to someone in need.

*As for more lovely merchandise, I have some great stuff up my sleeve, preparing for a big reveal. The next few days may hold a sneak peek...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Refinished Dining Set

Yes, it's been quite a long while since I had any super-fabulous thing to post (or anything at all to post) but I have been working like a busy little bee this summer. I Just finished a dining set for a client who wanted a new look for her old (not so old) table. It started like this:A pretty, solid wood table in really good condition. Just not the look she wanted anymore. She was envisioning light legs with a darker stained top and chairs. So after much, much help from my new best friend, Citristrip, and my old best friend, The Sander,everything looked more like this:
Then came some creamy Country Buttermilk paint (still love that name), a little slight distressing, a rub of Tobacco glaze, and lots of Dark Walnut stain. The happy result:I think maybe the glare of the sun makes the stain look a little lighter than when inside, but you get the idea.

I LOVE how the glaze brought out the detail on the legs.

Another look at the stain inside-just ignore my pretty garage:)
Thanks so much Leah! I really hope you love your table's new look as much as I did. And, hint hint, I would love to see a picture after you have the seats recovered! Thanks again!
Coming Up: The summer may be slowing me down a little, but I have some great stuff coming both this week and in those to follow so check back often! And thanks a ton to everyone who has left a kind comment or sent an email-they keep me going!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just For You

Thanks Jessica:)
This little cutie patootie is the perfect twin bed. Its a touch vintage, but the color brings it right up to date. Painted black, it would really work well with a fun, tailored boy spread; or it could be the perfect balance to a fluffy, frilly girly spread. You've gotta love versatility:) And the best part is I'm offering the option of customization! (If that wasn't a word before, it is now) The lucky buyer will get to pick the perfect finishing touches. Like it clean and classic? I'll just add some polyurethane for depth and protection. A glaze like this will really bring out the detail. Some distressing will give it that awesome shabby chicness we've all come to love. You decide!
Another option for a custom touch is this great raised panel:

It's practically begging for an initial or a maybe a shiny metal number. A number may sound strange, but I've seen some awesome stuff accessorized with things like pewter house numbers. For instance, if this was going to be for my little Mr. Three, a pewter 3 would be such a cute, modern touch to this bed.
The Details:
The bed is solid wood and includes a headboard, foot board (exactly the same as the headboard) and side rails. It fits a twin mattress and box springs and measures 31 1/2" high.
$125 OBO and you pick the final look

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Star Bed Reduced!

Thank you! Hope you love it!
Remember the great Star Beds? Well, today is your lucky day, because I only have one left and its on sale! The original price was $125, now reduced to
$75 OBO
This is a twin size, solid wood navy bed with an exaggerated red rub through featuring an iron star on the headboard.
Hurry and make this adorable bed yours-I promise it won't stay homeless for long :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jaci's Rug

My super cute sister-in-law Jaci knows a good thing when she sees it and wanted a canvas rug :) Just kidding. She agreed to become my guinea pig so I could try something new. Silly, brave girl! Her gorgeous black table is square, so a rectangular rug wasn't ideal. Plus in order to get the width to fit the table and chairs the length was too big for the space. This conundrum was actually a blessing in disguise because it forced us to to get a bigger canvas which we cut and hemmed to exactly fit the dining set in the room. Hello, can you say custom? Just kidding again:) And it created leftover canvas to make smaller coordinating rugs!! Jaci's kitchen has adorable red accents, so she wanted something that would compliment that. I wanted it to be a big, bold graphic that would be unique. So this flower is what we came up with. I can't take credit for the pattern, I took it from a piece of wrapping paper I've been saving that I just knew would come in handy someday...
I love it under the table, so Jaci, I hope you do too! And the best part, don't forget, it can be swept and mopped! Hallelujah! This would be awesome in other colors and it really got my mind spinning with possibilities for other patterns and graphics-what about one huge number or letter? Or a huge piece of damask? Or...
PS-Someone also hinted to me the other day that canvas rugs would also work really well on a deck or patio. What a great idea!

PPS-When shopping for a rug pad to attach to the bottom of this, I came across the coolest stuff-rug tape. It's tacky on both side and sticks your rug to any floor surface without damage. Its a very cool trick. Just so you know.