Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Super Cute Chair, A Super Cute Table

This Super Cute Chair with pillow in Gray makes me want to start over and re-do my entire house. I love it that much. I mentioned this to my husband. Got the husband eye roll. But seriously, what's not to love? Refinished in super chic gray with a little distressing.
Seat and coordinating 17" x 17" pillow. Gorg.


The Super Cute Table in pink. Awesomely super cute. It is distressed and glazed in mocha and would definitely leave its mark in any room. Obviously a little girl's room. But what an unexpected pop in the living or family room! (Which is where I had it set up. Again. Super Cute.) Measures 22" h x 21" w


-Make it a Combo Meal for $70


Hello! Thats like getting the table for free!


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Back Again. Seriously This Time

So I realize that last post in which I blatantly claimed to be Back was nearly one year ago. Geesh. Shortly after said post I began the Year of The Very Long Pregancy. It started with me being sick sick sick so I thought I would die and ended with a little more sickness and a two-months-early beautiful baby girl who lived in the NICU for a little while. Fast forward a little and we are now both healthy and happy. So I am really truly back with a long list of projects and a long list of excitement!

My sweetest Baby Z who made every little second of the past 10 or so months completely worth it:)