Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Entry Station

I heart this door! It is seriously makes the cutest entry station ever! It has six iron coat hooks and is distressed perfectly shabby chic.
It is solid wood and measures 6'8" x 3' and is $80

Two rows of hooks accommodate everyone in the fam-
kids down low

And important grown-up stuff up high

Because its so slim, it would be a great piece to help carve out an entry station in a spot with little floor area.

Add a cute basket for shoes and something to sit on, and you've got yourself the perfect pit stop on the way in and out the door.
coming soon: Right now I'm working on a dining set that will knock your socks off, as well as few others things including a couple chairs and an adorable end table. Remember to always stay tuned for great finds!

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  1. so cute. Do you mind if I put you down as one of my favorites on my blog?