Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jaci's Rug

My super cute sister-in-law Jaci knows a good thing when she sees it and wanted a canvas rug :) Just kidding. She agreed to become my guinea pig so I could try something new. Silly, brave girl! Her gorgeous black table is square, so a rectangular rug wasn't ideal. Plus in order to get the width to fit the table and chairs the length was too big for the space. This conundrum was actually a blessing in disguise because it forced us to to get a bigger canvas which we cut and hemmed to exactly fit the dining set in the room. Hello, can you say custom? Just kidding again:) And it created leftover canvas to make smaller coordinating rugs!! Jaci's kitchen has adorable red accents, so she wanted something that would compliment that. I wanted it to be a big, bold graphic that would be unique. So this flower is what we came up with. I can't take credit for the pattern, I took it from a piece of wrapping paper I've been saving that I just knew would come in handy someday...
I love it under the table, so Jaci, I hope you do too! And the best part, don't forget, it can be swept and mopped! Hallelujah! This would be awesome in other colors and it really got my mind spinning with possibilities for other patterns and graphics-what about one huge number or letter? Or a huge piece of damask? Or...
PS-Someone also hinted to me the other day that canvas rugs would also work really well on a deck or patio. What a great idea!

PPS-When shopping for a rug pad to attach to the bottom of this, I came across the coolest stuff-rug tape. It's tacky on both side and sticks your rug to any floor surface without damage. Its a very cool trick. Just so you know.


  1. You are a verrrrrrrrrrryyy talented woman! That looks straight out of a magazine! LOVE IT!

  2. Hey remember me? It is Stefanie from Roosevelt. I love this!!! You really did a great job. I still need a table...if you have any ideas give me a call!


  3. i love this idea.it is totally something that might work with my three messy boys. can i ask you where you got the canvas from?

  4. LOVE that. I have been wanting to do it for my dining table as well and the funny thing? I pretty much have the same table and chairs! So... yeah, it's hard to find a square rug the right size. Awesome to see it done. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. What kind of paint did you use on the canvas? Also, can the canvases be found in different colors?