Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stools in the House

First off, a big thanks to those of you who provided input about the crib in my last post.  Although it could be absolutely beautiful if restored, I've decided to concede to safety and go with a re-purpose.  After all, we have safety guidelines for a reason.  I have an idea brewing that I hope will still be a wowzer.

Today I am adding this cute set of three bar stools to my shop. I wasn't with it enough to remember the before pic for these, but they started out as your average pine kitchen stools that were generously donated to my ever-growing junk project pile after a kitchen remodel.  While they were still in great shape, these girls needed a serious wardrobe update.

The curve at the top of the back and the turned spindles made them seen a little dated and maybe a little too country. Now don't get me wrong, I love pretty country style. This just wasn't it. So I used a cream base with french blue accents to bring them out of bad country and into good country. They've each got some random stripes on the seats with a dark walnut stain, distressing, and polycrylic for protection and a bit of shine.




The shiny brass ring around the bottom of each stool was a necessary blemish for support reasons. So I changed them to oil rubbed bronze. It made a HUGE difference.

 Each stool swivels and is standard counter height (not the taller bar height). The measurements are 36" from the floor to the top of the stool and 25" from the floor to the seat.

Grab the whole set for only $75!

Thanks for thinking of me Katie!  I hope I did them justice.

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