Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a Random Thought...

So, the March issue of House Beautiful, which just arrived in my mailbox today (yay!) says, and I quote, "A distressed finish" and "The 'aged' look makes a comeback". Hurray! I do like, and own, contemporary stuff, but I think that my favorite will always be things with a distressed finish. In that article they have some gorgeous stuff like this

and this

I love them! Then I get sticker shock. Its pretty, but it costs and arm and a leg (or two). Try $8,800 for the bookcase and $1695 for the chair. Dollars. No joking. Although that is actually laughable. We have a car that cost less than the bookcase:) But its beautiful inspriation. I just think I like pretty stuff.

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  1. Are they antiques or something? I can't imagine a newly distressed item costing that much. Crazy.