Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey! After a much needed break, I'm Back in Black! Well, today I'm wearing red, but whatever. Isn't there just something about putting away the Holiday decorations that makes you want to start fresh in your house? It seems to highlight all the places that bug me because they just need 'something'. And then the juices start to flow and I get all antsy and projecty. Love it. Especially those few times when the reality even slightly matches the vision. I have a few things left that didn't sell over the holidays, one being the vintgage door-turned entry station. Quite a few people expressed interest and commented that they really liked the look, but were worried a big heavy door would possibly fall and squash their little ones. Well, yes , I think we would all agree squashing would be bad. But the door is so great. So I hightailed myself down to the hardware store and asked the very nice man the best way to attach a super heavy solid wood door to the wall. And bless his heart, he answered me without even blinking.He gave us several options and we chose the easiet- simply being to drill right through the door into the studs in the wall. We (meaning Tyler) found the studs, predrilled four holes in the door-two near the top and two near the bottom, and used some black wood screws to hang the door on the studs. I didn't mind going right through the door because a) the screws were black and you really can't see them if you don't know where to look, and b) it's a distressed, chippy door and you really can't hurt it. So just for future reference, this door is offically hung on my wall and isn't going anywhere. I could hang just about anything on it. And believe me, if the Geldmachers can safely hang this, then anyone can:) Although I change things around so much the idea of something never going anywhere makes me slightly nervous... For now, it's helping me take up some space on a huge blank wall. Until something different tickles my fancy. Don't tell Tyler. Holes in the wall can always be fixed, right?

As for that stuff that hasn't yet sold? Take a peek and give me a call! I'd love to wheel and deal and make room for more great stuff!

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  1. I love your stuff! I have a few peices of furniture I'd love to refinish. I would like to try and tackle it myself. I was wondering if you give hints or instructions on "how to." If this is something you'd be willing to share, you could e-mail me at nkdoutt@gmail.com