Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hateful Chair, Turned Thankful

Remember this chair from my last post? Well, let me tell you something about this chair. It HATED me. HATED me. A lot. It should have been an easy, super cute transformation. It did turn out super cute. But it was not easy. It threw a tantrum about every single little thing. It made me fit to me tied. I swore some. At one point I just needed to step away. So I took a little trial separation from this hateful chair. After a few days and a few deep breaths, I came back. And then I changed this chair's mind.

Today it looks like this. In all the skirted, pleated, Houndstooth-ed glory it has decided that I probably knew best all along. Yes, I do own an iron. The skirt is a little wrinkled. I'll get that taken care of. Promise. As I mentioned before, it's now got killer little black and white Houndstooth print, with glossy black trim, double piping and a new skirt. It is super solid and totally comfy. I was going to list the Hateful-Turned-Thankful chair for sale, but instead it now lives at my mom's, happily married to her favorite desk. Maybe someday soon I'll get some pictures of the cute couple to post.

Now on to this:
I'm pretty sure this bad boy is somebody's old wood shop project. But I love it anyway. It's actually two pieces and it's really sturdy. I'm pretty positive that when the inspiration comes to fruition it will totally ring. your. bell.

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  1. You are simply the coolest most rockin ugly chair re-do-er that ever lived. You amaze me and my very un creative self.

  2. I'm your 33rd follower and I'm having a poke around your blog. You've done amazing stuff! I love that chair in particular :)

  3. visiting from MMS... your ahead of me and actually SELLING your refreshed pieces! I need to sell a few to support my little (paint) habit. Any advice for a new girl who thinks she could earn a few clams with good paint, elbow grease & know how? Stuff looks great. Thanks for the inspiration and hope that i can actually do this too :-)

  4. I'm in a band (The Magic Theatre) working on our second album, and we have a new song called 'Your Hateful Armchair'. So, I found your post when I googled the title :)

    Here's the song (not finished yet!):