Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Spring Break

A new client project arrived this morning.  I need to get going on it and I'm so very excited to break out my lovely new sander again.  I obviously knew this project was scheduled to start today.  I am, after all, my secretary and handle all my important scheduling.

 I had hoped to have a list of accomplished tasks before the desk got here. Tasks including but not limited to some of this:
And some of this

Turning into two of this

 But its Spring Break this week.  For the ENTIRE week.  Need I say more?  Pretty sure I didn't get a whole  week off for Spring Break way back when.  Dumb budget crisis.  And lest you think that I don't like my kids, rest assured, I do (most of the time).  Its just hard to get anything accomplished other than this:
that is delicious chocolate chunk cookie dough, if you can't tell
and this
Oh well.  Pretty sure life could be worse.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Spring Break without getting too much accomplished either!

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