Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mable, Mable, Set the Table...

Thanks Kat!
Ok. The After.
She may be an old country girl but with an updated color combination to play up her modern side, she's no Plain Jane. For the Fantabulous Mable Table, its all in the details:
Turned Legs


Lots of Dimension

You've heard me say before that I love Black and White. Well now I'm only falling deeper. Measuring 66 1/2" long x 41 1/2" wide by 30" high the Mable Table is solid wood refinished in black with a khaki glaze that brings out all her gorgeous curves. To keep Mable really family friendly, I left the table top deliciously distressed and highlighted with glaze. Now little hands that leave their mark- sometimes permanently-will just add to her awesome character and uniqueness. Of course I gave her generous amounts of poly for protection and a little sparkle.
Mable is sans a leaf.

The Mable Table comes with six solid wood chairs-three Carved-Back and three Windsor. All six chairs were refinished in cream paint with a mocha glaze that totally compliments their color without being too harsh. They have a little extra distressing, revealing one or two secret layers.

The Mable Table has a great sense of playfulness because there is no set way to put it together. Alternate the chairs. Put one kind on one side and the other across. Mix it up however. It always looks great! And the best part? Its a one of a kind-no one else has this table.
Just Reduced!
*Post Script*
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  1. Hey I thought you were gonna paint those chairs RED. You are a big chicken :)

    They are DARLING painted white too! You are so talented Emily.

  2. ooo...RED chairs!!!

    I love it, anyhoo...You do fantabulous work.

  3. You are so talented and do amazing work.
    I wanted to let you know I featured your blog on my blog today :)

  4. I love your blog. I learned about it from love stitched blog. I want something of yours at some point. I wish you had some low book shelves for my playroom! Great blog!