Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt

Last Saturday I had just a little taste, and now I'm forever addicted. I attended my very first Estate Auction and I'll never be the same again. I love thrift store furniture, and a good garage sale find that can be fixed up is pretty fun. But there was just something about
nonchalantly waving my number in the air and winning that little gem on which I had my eye...

This was just one of my Auction Beauties. Is there even a word to describe how much I adore this canvas seed sack? I don't know. I just know it was love at first sight. You probably all think I'm as nutty as the nice elderly lady sitting next to me did when I bid on it. (Incredulously, I was the only bidder. No. That is not a sign. There was something wrong with everyone else there.) Do I know or care if this is a vaulable vintgage find? Nope. Although that would be cool. I don't even care if its still mass-produced by the thousands somewhere in Clover Land. It just comes back to the love. I love the colors, I love the print, I love the texture of the canvas.
I also love the back.

I might perhaps be crazy, but I don't care. My heart was actually racing when the auctioneer assistant put it in my hot little hand. I have big plans of cuteness for this bag - just you wait.