Sunday, October 4, 2009

And A Cherry on Top

The red and white Cherry Table is all fun and smiles. It positively oozes happiness! The pedestal table is finished in white with a shabby black rub through and lots of distressing. It measures 42" in diameter and is 30" tall. It comes with four solid wood chairs refinished in cherry red, also with a black rub through. The true funness of this set makes an appearance on every chair seat, where the numbers 1-4 are hand painted, just for a little somethin' extra.

The size of the Cherry Table makes it perfect for a breakfast nook, but I also think it would make the best ever game table! In fact people, had I a finished basement with a family room and/or playroom Cherry would not be for sale. When I look at her I have warm fuzzy visions of Monopoly and craft projects and maybe even a little I am officially passing the vision on to you in the form of an awesome deal!
makes her your very own happy:)


  1. i love all your stuff. i am now a follower:)

  2. You are right! I LOVE those stinkin' chairs. If I had a finished bsmt They would be mine.

    You are the cutest.

  3. You are simply fabulous! I redid ONE chair that I got from a friend...yeah. LOTS of work! You are amazing!!!