Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rug Love and Other Stuff

Remember my drop cloth canvas rugs from this post and this post? Still very much love them. But its been a few years and really, its high time we switch it up. So, without further ado, I bid farewell to the ever-faithful Big Stripe Rug. You served us well, friend.

But wait. There's a problem. I suffer from a severe genetic inability to make decisions. Its true. You should meet my mom. And her sister. I've given my new rug a good base coat. Its all prepped and ready for the fun part, which is the design. Only I can't decide what design to commit to. A few options I've been mulling over-
1. Stripes again, but more like this: From Ikea. I have, however, seen similar rugs all over the place, so I'm sure there's a more high-end version too.

2. Chevron stripesAlso all over the place. But for a good reason. Love. From West Elm. But in a pretty french blue.

3. Zebra Stripes:

Soft subtle ones like the Jazzy Buffet.

4. Some sort of a quatrefoil-ish pattern:

Emily at Jones Design Company actually hand-painted this wallpaper in her office. It's just about to die for. I think it would also make a beautiful rug.

5. Some kind of big, statement-making pattern like Jaci's Rug:

Whatever design I end up with will be in a frenchy blue. (I think.) Maybe a blue that's just leaning into turquoise. Ha. I'm going for a little more color in that space this time around. What version do you like?

In other exciting news, this sad, sad table is about to become fabulous. Just you wait, Henry Higgins. I'm so, so excited!

And last but not least, I'm thinking about turning the mirror above Zoe's crib into an Anthropologie knock off knock out using Mandi's tutorial over on Vintage Revival. (The original Anthropologie mirror is awesome. Of course they're no longer available so sorry, no pic.) Again with the indecisiveness. Hmmm...

More to come on Baby Z's room.

So like always stay tuned for some project transformation awesomeness!


  1. Really? I mean, don't you have a new baby (like me) aren't you exausted and up to your ears in spit up and laundry (like me)? When do you have the time for such awesomeness?

    ALso, I can't wait to see Z's room.

    PS that Chevron stripe is like Nate's on the Nate Burkus show! LOVE IT.

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