Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off With My Hinges

There it is. My newly door-less door frame!

Got right to the point that time, didn't I?  I was a little excited.  Now I'll back up a bit.

Remember when I posted this picture just a few posts ago?

I actually really like this area just off my kitchen. But as you can see in the picture, it contains a very lot of doors. The laundry door, the power room door, the garage door and a door in the mudroom right where I am standing to take the picture that closes the whole area off from the rest of the house. For four years we have almost never closed that last mudroom door. Mostly it just swings inward and conveniently bangs into the garage door every single time a person attempts to enter through it. Every. Single. Time. To the point that the door knobs like to catch on each other and occasionally try to rip each other out of their respective doors. So the other day, a light bulb dawned in my brain. We need to take that door away! Yes, it took four years for that bright idea. So after waiting for about two seconds for Tyler to get around to doing it, I just woke up one morning and took that door right off the hinges all by myself. And...I LOVE IT! Why the crap didn't I do this four years ago?

  And as always happens when I have finished furniture for sale patiently waiting under sheets at my house, I can't resist playing around a little.  This is the beautiful vintage dresser I finished last month.  I am drooling over how awesome it looks in the mudroom.  Not to mention the storage!  But alas, it is still for sale in my shop.

I have a before picture of the mudroom with the door and the bench that usually lives there, but blogger insists on loading it sideways!  Why?!?

Now I have some patching and painting to do.  Blah.  But worth it.  And a tip learned through trial and error from a door-remover novice?  If you are permanently removing the door from the frame, just leave the hinges attached to the door and unscrew the whole thing from the frame.  That way you're not removing twice the number of screws.  Unless that's not the correct way to go about it.  Then that's not what I did at all.

Just a silly picture from the playing around.  I love this picture of me and my dad when I was little.  Yes the bow is whatever.  And a tarnished butter dish from Tyler's grandma that I will probably never put butter in.  But it makes a gorgeous little spot in which to put keys and such when coming in and out of the house. 

So what lesson have we learned here?  We have learned that just because the builder put it there, doesn't mean it belongs there.  After about eight minutes with a drill, I have a lot more light and a lot less door in my life.

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